Your Home Business – Card Soft : PVC Card Making Machinery Version

Services Service for picture graphic card, also can design for the massive, size and adapt to key chain Outstanding Features 1. 2 sides of picture graphic within the single time 2. The resolution of graphic as same as the photograph, can input many design 3. Using the normal printer inkjet 4. Input bar code on the card while printing from the printer inkjet directly 5. Input the magnet bar on the card directly 6. Low cost 7. Every size and design, could be done 8. Energetic card, also can knock the swell alphabet immediately 9. Only system that could done the key chain from machine


  1. gsbninja

    hi nice video lol

    what printer did you use to print the business cards first? thanks

  2. jacal16

    omg men that was amazing..i going to open my buisness in 2 weeks and i need 100 of those cards and i want to make the cards myself although i dont kno how to do them…i love dis video but i did not understand nothing at all..escpecially that melting of plastic looking type machine…need help ok asap

  3. WalterElArgentino

    seems like a very long process. If you have 100s of these to make then it would take forever to complete the job.

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