You Know What’s Bullshit (part 8)

Printers. If you saw this on a couple weeks ago, then this is nothing new. … printers bullshit ink paper avgn


  1. FichoGame

    Good thing i have a Canon 2500 printer 😛 LOL

  2. TheFutureMrs01

    Man I have the same problems and the points you make are very true. lol

  3. Gunderson002

    Printers are very annoying when they do that stuff, but wh they actually do work, they’re useful.

  4. liger99999irs

    i have a fuckin canon i320

  5. slydemon2

    best bullshit ever!
    every single day of the summer my fucking computer says color ink cartridge is missing. I don’t to buy it, cuz I don’t need it, so stop telling me.

  6. ninkio2

    So true

  7. frosty1433

    Well, half your problem is that you’re using mac. What is printed and in what color is all the computer’s responsibility. But ink level detections are the printer, and I’ve had the problem with EVERY HP printer I’ve ever had.That ended when I got a Lexmark.

  8. Drummur

    I have the same printer lol

  9. mast3rpwns

    i have a lexmark and it still ALWAYS says it’s low on ink. =/

  10. frosty1433

    everthing I said, with the exception of mast3rpwns’ printer. lol

  11. iLikeiPods1

    get an hp, problem solved

  12. blutundeisen

    why ink is so fucking exspensive >_>

  13. Pumpkinkazz

    I have the exact same Printer xD

  14. Thomasmemoryscentral

    I guess it’s worth it a bit, but thanks for pointing out your problems. Yeah there are still some issues with my Espon now that you brought it up.

    1. Like James said, it has the same problem with most new ones: IT DOESN’T PRINT BLACK AND WHITE EVEN WHEN IT HAS BLACK AND NO COLOR!
    2. If the paper is crooked too much, it gets stuck and that’s a problem when you accidentally print something you don’t want to print.

  15. jimgb934

    that was an hp lol


    stop doing it i dont want this! XD

  17. blankbanz

    HP ink level detection sucks on pc or mac… someone told me is because of this thing they use to aboid you using regeric or refilled ink cartidges.

  18. MysteryPerson852

    “What a waste of ink! The thing that’s in such jeopardy!” LOL!!!

  19. frosty1433

    it sucks on both, because the detection mechanism is within the printer itself. not the software.

  20. P00RaBbitt2

    haha i agree…

  21. retrograderenegades

    LOL this was my favorite one of the series

  22. PrinceMoxey

    My stomach hurts! oh fuck that was funny!

  23. LATlOS

    Haha. Great rant, James! ^_^

  24. TheMariofan10101

    lol stop the vid at 0:20 and you’ll see the bull shit lines in the video

  25. Thegamer5150

    thats why we all fail when making our bullshit videos

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