Xerox’s Solid Ink Advantage

Deb Koehler, director of sustainability at Xerox gives you tips on how to recognize the energy used in your office printers and shows you how to reduce waste, determine your product’s environmental “footprint,” choose paper wisely and compare the environmental impact of laser versus solid ink printers.


  1. krickerd

    Good job Deb!

  2. terwilliger44

    While I am a big fan of solid ink, the bit about Energy Star is misleading — only the Phaser 8860MFP/D (S-configuration) is EnergyStar compliant; every other model isn’t.

  3. XeroxCorp

    We are always improving energy efficiency in our products. In fact, all of the new ColorQube solid ink MFP models are Energy Star compliant. You’re right, the desktop Phaser 8860 and Phaser 8560 families have a special configuration called the s-configuration that is Energy Star compliant. And solid ink products do come with the Intelligent Ready system that uses a patented learning technology to activate a power-saving mode based on the users schedules.


    you cant tell me it costs xerox over $400 to refill the printer??? ink shouldnt cost that much. its a racket.


    why isn’t the “cant turn off” printer in the advertisements????????????

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