Xerox Solid Ink Printer Overview

How do you print with solid ink? Shell Haffner, product marketing manager for Solid Ink Printers in the office group at Xerox, explains solid ink technology using a Xerox Phaser 8560 printer. Interviewed by James Gaskin.


  1. Exorbabe

    I really want one, eBay have them at good prices

  2. RazsterTW

    Do you know if the Phaser 8860 and 8650 use the same type of ink mix? I know they’re different size, but do they come from the same ink well per say?

  3. jegaskin

    As far as I know, all the solid ink printers use the same ink blocks, but check with your Xerox reseller to be sure.


    Dont forget (how convenient) that you have to leave the printer turned on all the time, and per coverage it costs close to toner and the tech support guys are Asians and you cant understand half of what they say.

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