Xerox Green Solid Ink Environmentally Friendly Technology Young Gabby gives us the lowdown on why Solid Ink printers and technology is better for business and the environment.


  1. Creativetorch

    I love my Xerox solid ink printer! Thanks Gabby!

  2. Creativetorch

    I love my solid ink printer!

  3. sphynxboy2006

    Gabby, you rawk, gurl! Love that solid ink.

  4. rmalm7

    I love the xerox solid ink printers, but come on, gabby is just a spokesperson like all others….

  5. ronniebb3d

    waste tray’s for consumers to maintain? wax cubes.softer formula.maybe then the printhead won’t need to be much ink is wasted each time,but X recommends 24/7 ppm should count from start of job to finish,not when running in midcycle.that’s like ford or chevy assault vehicles getting their fuel rating going down hill in neutral!you forgot to mention waiting time for the ink to heat up from cold start!12 to 15 minutes.Gabby,Gabby,Future?

  6. ggreekx

    I ordered a couple of print samples from xerox printed with solid ink technology.
    I got to admin that colors are briliant but the print quality and resolution (photos and text) are far back from a common 170$ color laser printer.They remind me the prints i got from my old epson stylus color 600!
    I can’t see which are really the pros of solid ink printers.
    By the way,GO GREEN???….i think that we can do much more inorder to save the environment than buying solid ink printers.

  7. geochafg

    Yeap and i’ll save the world!
    Please,give me a break!
    BY the way,i recycle my inkjet and laser carts because i have a special waste bin nearby…but i definetely can’t save the world buying solid ink crappy super power consumption,always ON printer!

  8. ModeBassTreble

    one can recycle laser cartridges but let’s think about this. Put it in its package, send it through transport trucks back to factory, (gas, etc..) then refill, resend back on trucks, and after a while it is going to landfills because it is over with, … I think solid ink is the last that printers can do as far as environment friendly is concern,..until we eliminate printing


    Always on printer? They don’t advertise that on their web page? The printer has to stay on all the time??????? I have a small business out of my house and usually only need to turn the printer on twice a week. what happens if i turn it off? i have noticed the price of the ink is very high considering it only last as long as half that of toner.

    what gives????

  10. americandesi333

    10 years from now you will not be printing or require a printer

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