When your inkjet printer fails…

You go oldschool and use a Dot-Matrix printer… ON VISTA!!!!!


  1. billybassman21

    That sound bring back memories of me being in the office at school in the 80s waiting to see principal, wondering of I’m going to get paddled.

  2. AndrewPoulain2007

    PLZ do not say that kind of stuff if it is not going to be serious, k?

  3. billybassman21

    I’m not joking. I went to public school in TX back in the 80s and they could paddle you with parental consent.

    I would be in the office scared, waiting to see the priciple, hearing the Dot-Matrix printer going. To this day when I hear that sound those memories come back. Some parts of the US and Canada still allow spanking in schools.

    Why would you think I was making this up?

  4. AndrewPoulain2007

    Most people spam on various comments about things that probably are fake, [b]BUT[/b] if you are serious, >_>

  5. peanuttherat

    i know i love old stuff

  6. HawkeHound

    I love old printers! 😀

  7. Snapshot34

    He’s serious.

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