Unboxing Canon Pixma MP250

Sorry for the delay in videos but heres my unboxing of my new printer here soon ill have the apple remote delivered to my house and a few other goodies for ya enjoy heres a link to a good print server www.amazon.com


  1. LisaLeeLa

    I just got this printer today (at Fry’s, for Black Friday) and I havent yet unboxed it. Thanks for the video! 🙂 One question… where did you see cartridges for 16 dollars? The color one I saw was like 20 or 25 dollars. :-/

  2. dciguy02

    i bought the printer at walmart and the cartridges were next to them

  3. Dojo77frak

    thanks for taking the time to unboxing the Canon MP250, I have been looking to get this particular model since for a while now.

    I think i’ll purchase it tomorrow.

  4. milosmagur1978

    I m thinking to buy this MP250, how happy are you with quality of priter and scanner, and speed of this all in one printer? thanks

  5. dvdknight1

    Purchased at Walmart for $40! The cartridges and USB included! Easy to set up with Windows 7 64 bit OS. Happy with quality so far, Thanks for posting!

  6. omarcinho10

    Mines dont got the usb cable? how much are they in frys? or whats the # or name of the usb cable?

  7. MyOldiesButGoodies

    can it print web pages.

  8. BSJ387

    Nice vid! Got this printer, but we can’t get it and eMac (Tiger) to connect. You have a vid on the installation?

  9. dciguy02

    mine did come with a cable but if u need just go to amazon and search for just a basic printer cable its pretty generic but i would contact canon or the retail store u purchased it from before you do that and let them know your printer did not come with a cable and sorry for the late delay on response

  10. dciguy02

    i have snow leopard and it was basically plug and play as soon as i plugged in my printer i was able to recognize it ill put up a vid later showing how to see your printer in OSX

  11. ppaselcto

    Can you scan documents onto your computer with it?

  12. dciguy02

    yes fairly easy i might add the set up process and everything that goes with it is remarkably easy to do

  13. nuke1989

    i bought mine at walmart, and there is no usb cord for me… and no ink too…. but it said included

  14. samersk

    @ppaselcto yes U can

  15. samersk

    @ppaselcto yeah

  16. dmn1n


    is it possible to reset the cartridge levels for Canon mp250. THX.

  17. MrsLunna1

    I have mine for couple months already and Love It!!!


    have you had problems with the printer cause it seems like most the time i get to using it it says im out of paper when you can see that there is paper in the printer? just wondering cuz this is the first printer that im having problems with the last on i had my little sister got something stuck in it.

  19. loumidis15

    @ppaselcto yes of course you can…i have this printer and the scanning quality is marvellus

  20. yatabazah

    can this printer work wireless via a network?

  21. dciguy02

    @yatabazah yes and no although this printer does not connect to a wireless network for shared printing there is a way around this u can buy a wireless printer server that can hook up a usb printer and you can have wireless printing that way the question is do you want to spend the extra money for it if you are in need of wireless printing then go for it ill put a link for a good print server in the info box

  22. Naoufalitos24

    we’d like a review , and a demo

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