Unboxed: HP Deskjet F2480 printer

New printer for the house, decided to make an unboxing video of it. Been awhile since I last made an unboxing video!


  1. gabrielriegler

    cool! merry christmas
    Ps: I have received today the same printer!
    cool video of me there are five star!

  2. 88wiigamer

    i got one today, and it didnt come with the usb, =(.

  3. alexlovesmac

    @88wiigamer That sucks! Did you return it?

  4. 88wiigamer

    no. i have to buy one

  5. alexlovesmac

    @88wiigamer Oh. I kinda find it strange. Why didn’t the USB cable come in the box?

  6. LegendaryKrazie

    @88wiigamer There are no printers that come with a USB cable. They want you to spend more money and purchase one. Epson/HP/Lexmark/Canon, none include a cable. 🙁

  7. BadGranny2

    Same to me. Bought usb in the same shop.

  8. lashai909

    where did you get it from

  9. johnceccato

    mine didnt come with a usb cable either. No printers come with a cable? why did the guy in the video get one in his then??????

  10. pokemonbluerescuefan

    my usb never came either. it sux

  11. The180Curse

    Stupidly, most printers these days do not come with USB’s, meaning a seperate purchase is necessary. I’ve just purchased this and found out about how people didn’t get USB’s, so I made sure to sort that one out. There only about £1.50 on amazon.

  12. pokemonbluerescuefan

    lol i know i got one now. i was thinking a week ago hmm why dident my usb come with my printer so i went on here to see if he had it. but then i read the comments and agreed. ty anyway

  13. pokemonbluerescuefan


  14. Shmiki1000

    this is ridiculous especially considering how the site says that it comes with the USB cable, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand, which is WTF in it’s own right.

  15. AndyX1337

    DID you scratch it??

  16. netrules1

    i just got mine today

  17. Grecys

    i got mine today

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