Transfer Paper T-shirt Transfer Paper Material Iron On Inkjet Transfer Material

Make custom T-Shirts at Make Tshirts in minutes with our T-Shirt transfer material. Print the transfer in an inkjet printer, cut the excess material, iron on the shirt, and peel away the liner.


  1. ReubenKib

    where would i be able to buy a good amount of blank shirts?

  2. BluePrincess101

    I say Michael’s ….they have plenty

  3. videosensei

    hit up gilden ultra cotton

  4. destroyerjeffrey

    You can buy from ebay

  5. hubert25

    thank you very much but i didn’t reverse my image!



    thanks again!

  6. bubleybrunettexO

    so could you just scan an image onto your computer and put it onto… say microsoft word and then buy your paper and print it? would that work?

  7. bubleybrunettexO

    what program was used in the begining for the computer image

  8. leonnie94

    do we use normal paper?

  9. cal124

    how long does the ink last on a t shirt pm me back thanks

  10. xSiMfReAkx

    No you use Iron paper.

  11. fongle

    I bought mine at Clas Ohlson (if you have it in your country)

  12. clojoha

    Do we need to wash the tshirt first before doing the transfer?

  13. Franciscocruz1990

    does the entire square of “transfer paper” transfers to the shirt or only the printed area!?

  14. onlinelabels

    @clojoha You can wash the shirt if it’s dirty or has a bunch of lint on it.

  15. onlinelabels

    @Franciscocruz1990 The entire sheet is a transfer. I suggest cutting around the design you create so you don’t have all that extra transfer material around your design.

  16. 900monte

    can you use regular paper?

  17. JofusSunshyne

    yeah but only if it’s blue 😉


  18. balongdaot

    Ive used another transfer paper but it needs a parchment paper to iron it..can i ask what kind of parchment i would use?because whenever i used my parchment paper the transfer paper sticks..please help me..

  19. danpat

    @balongdaot You can’t reuse the parchment paper, I made the mistake of doing a nice shirt, half of it I reused the parchment paper and the design stuck and messed the shirt up.

  20. theking0915

    hey what is the name of the program

  21. KylesGirlfriend1

    how are you sure it is ready

  22. onlinelabels

    Let the shirt cool off for about 2-3 minutes, then peel the transfer material away.

  23. tuaprincessa

    great video

  24. omgheheho

    wil the ink be washed away when washed?

  25. jrz1996

    do u spray it with the steamer

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