tattoo paper for inkjet and laser printers

Make your own tattoos using and inkjet or a laser printer. Very simple to make and effective, last up to one week and can be washed off using soap and water. No pain and great fun.


  1. burtondan

    Going to use this to design my tat. VERY HELPFUL

  2. marshalnd

    thanks for teaching us how to make and then use something i can go get outta a wal-mart lobby

  3. MexiKing04

    why dun yall jus get a real tattoo it dun hurt as much

  4. J0dido22zzzz

    do it revers coz the image will be on the other side

  5. tpttpt324

    you can make custom tattoos (fake) like ur name, ur a picture of sum1, u dont hav 2 b rude, and walmart sux

  6. Bombersnomore

    did you know that she didn’t reverse the image?

  7. Pure4ndProud

    very annoying accent

  8. onixz100

    You’re stupid.

  9. BellaOfBacardi

    Awesome video

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