Sweet Sound of Ink Savings

The sound of ink savings is sweet music to one rapper’s ears. Listen in and learn how you could save on everything you print by switching to Kodak.


  1. alexexplosion

    this is just plain bad

  2. Force902

    Thanks its not by Skill, views so Ty

  3. deskeilen

    Nice vid, bro

  4. PshYeahFtW


  5. Brockbfball1563

    I seriously love this video! Can’t stop watching this!

  6. j10jep2

    best one by FAR

  7. vVvGamer

    Amazing video!

  8. starwarsandpie


  9. IamPSYKOSiiS

    Best one

  10. Br00taLnate

    this fucking sucks your t-pain shit cause thats what it is disgraces the man your voice is so off and it just plain blows weiner
    nice use of the T-pain app on the iphone…… DIsgrace to all the iphone user too

  11. cutetattooNOT

    Are you stupid? Seriously. 15 year old’s are so uneducated nowadays. You honestly think he did this on an iPhone? Wow. go back to school!!! Stay off Youtube moron.

  12. cutetattooNOT

    5 Stars. Best Entry.

  13. GuitarHeroVixen

    YEAH JASON!!!!

  14. Br00taLnate

    he didnt do it live thats for damn sure his voice was so fucking off it wasn’t even remotely entertaining

  15. LaunchedFire

    heh nice nice

  16. vVvSaBoTeuR

    All you douche bags making fun of this video do you realize that the kid in this video got $10,000 for doing this? Make fun of him some more.

    Great video Jason you the fucking man!

  17. eonflix

    Hey, I was expecting some porn pics in this video. xD You lied. :O

  18. LiLGG23


  19. HPxBeSeRkEr

    @vVvSaBoTeuR will do =]

  20. TjallingBlackCat

    I LLove this video.

  21. Brockbfball1563

    But it’s better than porn =P

  22. CuhRaig

    Best video the Billy Mays one blows

  23. justinpwnzu


  24. drksabre100


  25. elbow10scc

    not a fan. sorry.

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