The Magic Pro 360 is a direct inkjet printer. See us at kandenterprises.com or call 770-262-2483 It prints on baseballs, bats, softballs, golfballs, candles, ornaments, drum sticks, sports bottles ETC. any kind of cyclindrical object. 1. No special inks 2. No special software 3. Desktop size 4. Wgt 25lbs 5. Manufactured in USA 6. Purchase your supplies from your local stores 7. Profit margin 75% 8. User Friendly 9. VSP Specialty Printers has all rights and patents to this printer. Give us a call if you are interested in starting a business for a small amount or if you just want to add on to your existing business. You can market it with school fundraising, Park & Recreations in your county , Pro Shops, Trophy shops, vendering, sport shops, the list goes on and on. Our office # 706-602-0243 Sales & Marketing 770-262-2483. Ask for David Thanks for your interest.


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