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Silkscreen printing is an everyday part of our lives. This printing method has its origins in China almost 3000 years ago. Many of the stickers we print are silkscreen printed like these Laughing Squid stickers. This sticker has a green impression, and a black impression. When combined, they make a two color sticker. Two screens mounted on a rigid frame are created, one for the green impression and one for the black impression. The yellow areas are where the ink will pass through the screen …


  1. razorfrog

    And the end result lives on my apple power adapter. Fits perfectly!

  2. galantld

    hey John Fischer, i’m interested in starting a small sticker business, maybe with a wide printer or silk screen.. what do you recommend for starting out – thanks

  3. tbenefi33

    cool machine.

  4. kumquatsta

    very nice, i’m glad you recycle your inks

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