Shocking truth about the cost of inkjet cartridges

Printer ink isn’t sexy but ounce for ounce it is more expensive than a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne. Take a look at this funny clip and spread the word. … shocking funny crazy printer ink inkjet cartridges


  1. onedeliciousmac

    WOW – everyone should see this and check your prices. I haven’t bought name brand carts for my Epson for a long time and have ordered from ASAP with great results! See my videos on youtube -onedelicousmac

  2. NS1029

    Very good information and I’ve use them for all my printing needs after a friend recommended them. I use a lot of ink in printing out photos to paint for my art. nancystandleedotblogspotdotcom

  3. a1h2o

    Holy Cow! …and I was complaining about $3 gas! I calculated the ink cost on those HPs that only have 5ml of ink at about $10,000 a gallon! Good thing I’ve been refilling my own cartridges…for about 25¢ each!

  4. Taymcr

    I love these guys. They have saved me a lot of money and they are very customer oriented which is rare these days. This was a real eyeopener of a video. Good Job!

  5. greenerdeaner

    whats the name of the song

  6. Taymcr

    Sentimental Journey

  7. asapinkjets

    I think it’s by “Esquivel”.

  8. desiree816

    Great video! Original and inventive presentation! Awesome music!
    Ink costs don’t have to burn your wallet though and don’t go to the messy and at best iffy process of refilling the cartridges. Go to SPOT4INK DOT COM and see their great prices and great ink to boot. Most of the cartridges are remanufactured. They come to your door you pop them in and you’re good to go.There are no shipping costs ever and delivery is fast and efficient.Go to SPOT4INK DOT COM TODAY!You will be glad you did.

  9. europork

    well, from i had buy my FABULOUS HP inkJet printer i did find a perfect balance among costs-performances-durability-print quality .EPSON was the WORSTE product. 🙁

  10. CReedProductions

    haha this is a great way to spread the truth

  11. coondogtheman1234

    this is bullshit, ink carts i mean b/c they are smaller and dont last as long yet cost twice as much, i have a canon MP470 and this thing seems to run out of ink too much and it costs me 50 bux to replace it if this gets any worse im gonna eiter sell this thing or hack it if i find a printer that has dirt cheap ink ill get it, i saw one on TV by kodak and the ink costs like maybe 10 bux a cart i think, but i dunno if it has a scanner

  12. seka1986

    Ink Jet is the biggest scam going. They dry up and aren’t worth shit. GARBAGE!

  13. seka1986

    The carts usually dry up before you can use it all. They should bring back dot matrix printers. That’s how shitty ink jets are. At least dot matrix printers didn’t dry up on you even if you didn’t print for months.

  14. aserratos

    This video says what’s really going on with the ink cartridges rip off. I remember , I had a printer (Epson), ten years ago, and it used only ONE cartridge of black ink to print out 70 sheets of paper (both sides). With my new printer (another Epson) I can get about 15 sheets of printing…one side only… If I’m Lucky!!!!

  15. mcz1987

    I am happy to work with ink jet printers.
    (I am student, who likes to economy some $), and they are cheap to use, because i can refill ink muself,
    1 black ink cartridge refill cost for me 1 $ !!!
    Yes, this kind of printer is slow, bot it works well or me 4 years, and i dont print much (not more than 250 pages per month)
    I have old Canon SmartBase MP360 printer/scanner.
    What you can say for experience to refill ink cartriges, how much it cost for you ?

  16. netrunner2250

    It’s cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy new ink. I buy a printer, use it til it’s out of ink, throw it in the dumpster then go buy a new one. Might be a waste of electronics but certainly cheaper than buying ink lol

  17. elliotgoodger

    HAHA, are you serious?
    where r u from?
    im from Birmingham UK and i swear inks not that much here

  18. continuousink

    Sorry to say they actually more cost more in the UK!! A current HP six colour printer’s inks works out at around £2000 per litre (that’s $3500 to you over the pond!)

    …nice video!!….

    And for netrunner – moe often than not the inks with printers are only part filled cartridges to get you started…. sad but true.

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