Screen Printing White Ink on Dark Shirts

Quick demo on how to print white ink on dark t-shirts using 770 Series Screen Printer


  1. bigralph1

    very cool! thx 4 posting!

  2. Baawm

    Cool shirts

  3. JustNabster

    thats cool.

  4. LMB9888

    How many coats of emulsion do you have on the shirt side of the screen?

  5. steftd

    Plastisol or water based?

  6. benmuellerb

    I am using QCM plastisol inks.

  7. benmuellerb

    I use capillary film. Using 30 micron on the screeens.

  8. benmuellerb

    Thanks..made it for a tech video for my company. Get lots of calls doing whites on darks.

  9. benmuellerb


  10. benmuellerb


  11. s0ntee

    im using ryonet white ink but its really really thick , how do i reduce it.

  12. benmuellerb

    you should be able to get a reducer to thin it down, but i like QCM’s softee base, it keeps the opacity of the ink and doesn’t ruin the properties. Makes it nice and creamy.

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