Screen-Printing Basics : Shirt Screen-Printing Basics

Basic screen-printing for a t-shirt or shirt requires steady even pressure for the best picture. Learn the basics of screen-printing shirts with tips from a design and screen-printing company in this free video on screen-printing. Expert: East End Ink Contact: Bio: East End Ink (EEI) is a design and print house located on the east side of Austin, TX. Filmmaker: Drew Noah


  1. rexanteria69

    is there any alternative mixture of that emulsion thing??

  2. HazelnutInTheSun

    I know and have met the Honeybrowne Band. I dated someone who was actually in it for a little while. That’s really funny.

  3. CatspitProductions

    Thats pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing and heat transferring tee shirts. Questions welcome.

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