Screen-Printing Basics : Discharge Screen-Printing Basics

Discharge screen-printing uses a water-based ink that basically bleaches the fabric of a shirt or fabric. Find out about discharge screen-printing with tips from a design and screen-printing company in this free video on screen-printing. Expert: East End Ink Contact: Bio: East End Ink (EEI) is a design and print house located on the east side of Austin, TX. Filmmaker: Drew Noah


  1. FutureLaugh

    see this is a professional operation from an expert who knows the industry and what he is talking about- the other expert video of the clown drug addict in the yellow shirt was how NOT to screen print.

  2. moretsclothing

    great vid! waterbase, plastisol, discharge,which one is cheaper?

  3. mushroomhead3

    we have one of those shitty gray dryers at my shop its so damn loud! discharge looks pretty cool but i think its a pain in the ass when you have a 10,000 or so piece run, i always have to line the bottom of my disharge screen with duct tape to keep it from leaking because it does tend to break the emulsion down a little faster and if you spring a leak your fucked because you cant blast the ink out of the shirt, and it the smell gives me a headache!
    i agree with futurelaugh

  4. skelotar

    Plastisol will be cheaper price-wise. IMHO, you can’t put a price on the soft hand achieved by using waterbase inks and discharge for your darks on light. Truly a night and day difference.

  5. crockyoshighty

    Does anyone know where I can find someone or business that makes large sized silk screens? The sizes I’m looking for is anything from, 4ft X4ft to lets say 4ftx8ft. I’m not interested in Laser printing or T-shirt sized screens. If you could possible help with this, I would be very thankful.

  6. doctorpharmacist20


  7. TheBKSaunders

    Kewlist one yet. We here at the shop been thinking doing discharge printing.

  8. memeballer

    whats the other name for discharge ink? i cant find it, cause the sales person in my area are not friendly atl.

  9. CatspitProductions

    Thats pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing and heat transferring tee shirts. Questions welcome.

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