Save on Printer Toner and Ink – My round table gang and I came up with a few tips to help you save on expensive ink for your printers.


  1. Haybbo


  2. comp4nerd

    i have HpDeskjet D1430.
    draft mode allways.

  3. mattsuzanna1992

    we have a HP Officejet 5510 All-in-One copier, fax, printer, scanner. and we use the fax occasionally

  4. Haybbo

    lawlll sorry xD

  5. alwaysmc2

    “Who uses fax anyway?” Chris, you just killed me. What were you doing ranting about how Vista wasn’t compatible with your Fax then?

  6. richardbt71

    I fax everyday!

  7. lockergnome

    My All-in-One Scanner / Printer. Vista hates the scanner. Moreover, some people are still stuck on the FAX – making FAX printer drivers quite a necessary evil at the moment.

  8. Entity001

    Man, this new “format” of other people talking SUCKS!!!

  9. MrOlafdotcom

    At my local dollar store they inkjet refills for a dollar, so far I refilled my black and it’s working great. Keep in mind I’m not worried about quality. I use it for printing daily work orders so quality doesn’t matter at all just as long as i can read it and I haven’t noticed a difference.

  10. Pauluk33

    oh that was funny at the end and some fine tips there.
    Oh and thor is not great the ustream and the chat was not good either. Another tip,lol

  11. purelacrystal

    i dont understand what he talking about … is this tip about decreasing the quality from peinter sitting?
    so thats it?
    if it like that .. I WASTE my time

  12. desiree816

    GREAT VIDEO! Lots of great info for saving ink.Well done! I have mine on draft mode always. Combine that with saving by buying remaunufactureds or compatibles, and you got the best of both worlds. I have been buying from SPOT4INK DOT COM. They got high end toners at low end prices and awesome service and NO SHIPPING COSTS EVER. CHECK IT OUT TODAY.!

  13. Ralajer

    I will often print to pdf prior to making a physical print for several reasons. It allows me to see the layout, useful for printing webpages. Creates an exact copy of the print that will remain the same even if the source is changed. The size of pdfs are typically much smaller than the source documents. Serves as a backup of sorts. And for some odd reason I think it so damn cool to make pdfs.

  14. rdfaber

    Check out ColorLok on Hammermill and HP papers. Locks pigmented inks (most blacks and some color onto the surfce. More vivid results.

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