Roll Printing on Desktop A3+ Printers with 13″ Gloss / Satin / Canvas roll media

John shows you how to print wider format and panoramics on your A3+ desktop printer, using 13″ roll inkjet media in Gloss, Satin and Glossy Canvas:- How to set up your printer driver, page setup, panoramic creation – all answered by featured links. How to use your roll paper holder – How to feed your paper in – How to withdraw paper roll after your print job. Dramatically expands your A3+ desktop inkjet printer possibilities! – Suitable for Epson R2880 / R1900 / R2400 / 1400 / 2100 and many more..


  1. rodhunter911

    The 1400 does not have a roll holder assembly and doesn give you the option to do roll printing. You have to pre-cut sheets longer than 19″ and hand feed them into the 1400.

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