Robot printer

Tank Robot with 96 dpi Serial Inkjet Printer Development Kit


  1. skids7682

    People are throwing inkjets out left and right. I always see them in the trash, even some wireless ones.

    A lot have steppers and a control board with a little CPU. If someone figured out how to flash the EEPROM on these to give an API that allowed direct control of the motors and outputs and reading of the sensors, well that would be an almost ready-made home robot toy right there — you just reconfigure the mechanics a bit to make the motors drive wheels and put the sensors where useful.

  2. liquidkool440


  3. jasonlimkh

    Parallax does not sell the printer development kit anymore. Is there other similar product?

  4. douro20

    A little HP printhead which has been around as long as HP inkjet printers…the kind whose nozzles sit around in the open air and has an expiration date.

  5. tanyeochian

    wow, First mobile printer in the world???
    U r creative! ^^

  6. douro20

    Don’t know. But I do know this: The driver has to provide 20V pulses to the printhead. There is a project on the web to build a driver.

  7. cokefloatcombo

    cool invention!! its nice to have a tutorial..

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