Reset chip for printer Samsung SCX-4300 by Software

just two minute to reset toner of printer SCX-4300 The link of soft is


  1. fabian555

    thsssss sooo much…………..the printer is perfect…….oye gracias por no ser envidioso y compartir los pasos…..ilove u LOL……thax soooo much……….

  2. fixitfast74

    IS there any need to do a firmware download if your resetting the page count to zero?

    Removing chip from cartridge and resetting page count to zero fools the machine into thinking its a starter cartridge therefore firmware download is not needed.

    or am i wrong?

  3. realcem

    olmadı arkadaş yaa bendemi sorun var aynen denileni yaptım dosyayıda yolladı flash ı sildi “erasing oldu” menüden de all counter clr yide yaptım halen toner bitti diyor ne manyak bu ya.

  4. lopezjorge13

    Excelente… Que bueno que hay personas como tu sin fines de lucro… De verdad, muchas gracias.

  5. MrFreeZLO

    И не стыдно у Русских пиздить?

  6. juanh4

    Man, you made me still have hope in humanity. Thanks!

  7. Flyleafwow

    Tested today , workes great . Thanks for posting . Wish you the best

  8. miguel6433

    oye de antemano gracias , pero no se si me podras ayudar mi version del firmware es 1.21 y he probado con varios firmwares q hay pero ninguno jala para esta version si me imprime pero me sale error de escaner.
    si me pudieras ayudar te lo agradeseri ainfinitamnete

  9. vionpo

    Thanks for posting !!! So good

  10. Luxor2100

    Автору – респект и уважуха!
    Метод работает на 100%

  11. rmbianco


  12. lokson318

    Thanks a lot for the guide,
    now i can use it!

  13. Rekking

    cant pass the final step with downloading :-/

  14. jojomojojc

    Ne stidno, potomu chto mi sami polzuemsya

  15. jochenstacker

    Worked 100%!

  16. ameasureofpipps

    I follow this perfectly. It says ‘Clearing counter’. But my SCX4300 would keep saying ‘Toner Low’. It now says ‘Toner Empty’. Why does this not appear to work?

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