PVC Inkjet Card Printer

Use our printing tray and special coated PVC cards for printing Identity Cards using the Epson R 230 or R 290 printer


  1. honeydearguzie

    hi!!! can you teach me the format to use and the measurement in the photoshop u are using because i have a tray and i cant print any pvc card that is perfect. it is always outside the tray or i am printing in the tray not on the pvc. plssssss help me. thanks in advance

  2. bowdown2anthony

    yes i am having the same problem can you message me?

  3. jimtigers

    what kind of printer is that and where do i buy this tray?

  4. paulschmid7

    hey just wondering what ur print settings are, I am using the epson r280 printer with the ID tray attachment.
    However I can’t seem to get it to print due to something wrong with the print settings.
    please help

  5. adityadoclam

    Please let me have your email id. I will send the details to you

  6. adityadoclam

    Please send me your email id so that I can send you the details

  7. sirnastliness

    I have an HP deskjet F4280 can i do the same thing that you are doing. And if so, how and where can i get that tray.

  8. Wakabe

    I dont know what PVC cards to use. Please help me?

  9. k9forkids

    cr80 30mil pvc cards

  10. Qui1805

    where can i get the tray from

  11. adityadoclam

    Please let me have your email ID so that I can send the details to you

  12. adrianoferp

    please I wish I acquire the tray about to PBV AND drum the dicas as of configurations as of feeling and wether possivel the type as of PBV usado.sou as of Cockney PR ( Brazil ) thank you

  13. nothackingwarrock

    i would like to buy the tray and some pvc cards. I am also wondering does the normal printer ink work with the cards.

  14. b1782w

    hey how much do these printers cost and where can i find the software for drivers license templates ? thanks

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