Printing’s Alive

Pazazz presents one Print Fanatic and his team who love printing! This film was based on Steve Delahoyde’s film “Regrets: Boxes” which can be seen here Steve is a filmmaker with Coudal Partners in Chicago (


  1. archeeizm

    Unreal! nice video! I print cartons and its a lot of work on a 2 man 40 inch 6 color.. thanks for the video!

  2. nikimag1

    Only true printers get this – PRICELESS!!


    TOO TRUE!!!! It gets into your blood – maybe it’s the fumes! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  4. brujeria18

    haha very good

  5. dekz1000

    i was a printer for 30 years, hated every minute of it!

  6. snapcraklpop259

    my graphic arts teacher made me watch this… i don’t get it

  7. HunterCooley

    And I thought i was the only one who made paper capes …

  8. Riggins1966

    going on 20 now (prepress) and I share your sentiment.

  9. krcoffman

    17 years and going…. I fucking LOVE Printing!

  10. mavis41558

    Once upon a time in 1981…

    Years estimating with a calculator + pencil + written on a piece of
    paper. (No PCs yet) Plate material and labor! Press setup! Plate change
    costs to memorize! Lamination setup + run then film + adhesive! Die cut
    setup and run. Stripping die cut lifts! Swifty right angle gluer ganged
    setup and run!

    The purchasing guy died in 1983 so it was estimator on Friday + sit down at
    the dead guy’s desk on Monday!

    * * * * * continued * * * * *


    Here in Texas printing is hurting big time!
    Long live printing and drunken printers!!!

  12. jonmonk2007

    mmm been printing 25 yrs now in 2 countries and still enjoy it. nice vid

  13. bertibabyboo

    Wish I was still in it. Got laid off after 35 years. They laid us all off after opening a new pressroom up and fetched in some FNG,s. Told us we had to apply for our own jobs but there was no point as we had no experience on the new press they installed and you had to have it to apply for your job. It was a KBA Commander, the only one in the country. We got treated like shit. That’s how it is in the UK just now. Great vid.

  14. bamboo727


  15. jokesONu1984

    this vids funny…. nobody understands what i do when i try to explain printing. i hate high density ink… has a mist, leave my job wit a tan, nate it!

  16. s3cur1tr0n

    Heidelberg M3000 Sunday FTW!! Print to live. Live to print.

  17. TLPrincee

    I been printing for 18 years. This video is too funny. You guys rock. If I know where that shop is I would try to work in the place.

  18. PazazzPrinting

    We’re in Montreal Canada. You’re welcome to drop by for a plant tour anytime.

  19. PrinceRuneHorn

    tonight im gonna print the shit out of something…..braaaaappppp

  20. ctBundy

    Excellent video. We watched it at our Sales Meeting last weekend and the room came apart with laughter. I love your passion, I’m a sales rep at Western States Envelope and Label.

  21. juzz74

    great vid says it all for us printers

  22. CatspitProductions

    Pretty cool. Printing is an art.

  23. nexuzz1

    This is awesome ! exelent video. make me feel proud to be printer.

  24. Inv3ctor

    My hero lol 🙂

  25. archeeizm

    OK so I drank some once!LOL!!

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