Printing New Skin: Saving Lives with Ink Jet Printers

By modifying an ink jet printer and growing skin cells from a patient’s body, a US Army research lab has developed an amazing treatment for severe burns: printing new skin. Once the patient’s skin cells are in a sterile ink cartridge, a computer uses a three dimensional map of the wound to guide the printing. “The bio-printer drops each type of cell precisely where it needs to go,” explains Kyle Binder, a biomedical scientist at the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine’s Wake Forest lab. “The wound gets filled in and then those cells become new skin.”


  1. mark9868


  2. labtvonline

    Dear Mark,
    No kidding! Glad you liked this. Truly an example of out-of-the-box thinking creating a leap forward in health.
    -Harley / LabTV

  3. pntmass

    Where is the science?
    Science isn’t just cool stuff… science is a process…
    The story of the scientific nature of this idea would include things like (1) how this idea came about and how it was tested (2) what the long-term results are of “spray on skin”, and (3) an explanation of the mechanisms for transition from single cells into a multi-cellular layer.

  4. labtvonline

    Hi pntmass, and thanks for your comment! While I wish our videos could answer every question, the basic purpose of LabTV is to introduce new ideas and spark people’s interest, so I’m glad we’ve accomplished that!
    -Harley / LabTV

  5. labtvonline

    To learn more, please visit the web page for this video, where you will find further info plus links to the labs and scientists featured, so you can dig deeper into this new scientific development. Please visit our site and choose “Printing New Skin” from Season One. (website won’t post to comments, but is listed on our channel).
    -Harley / LabTV

  6. jamesstephenbrown

    Lol, what sort of science were you expecting to learn from youtube? That’s classic. I think you should go to a “university” or a “college” rather than the internet, it will cost you some money, but they give you a lovely certificate at the end of it.

  7. jamesstephenbrown

    If hadn’t heard about this already I would have called “parody” on this, putting the cells in the actual printer cartridge… it doesn’t sound realistic enough to be science fiction.

  8. labtvonline

    @jamesstephenbrown I know what you mean! What I like about this technology is that it DOES use these more readily-available tools. I’ve seen other technologies addressing this problem that require a room full of specialized equipment, which I can only assume costs millions of dollars and is too expensive and cumbersome to take to the places like disaster zones or battlefields where this kind of tool is most needed.
    -Harley / LabTV

  9. pntmass

    @labtvonline I am certainly not asking for you to answer every possible question! – just the bare minimum necessary to convince the audience of its validity – to separate science from hype. I hope you realize I’m not being critical for the sake of criticism, but just give feedback generously. It’s also possible I’m spoiled by other documentaries which have much more funding. Embedding references in the video would certainly satisfy me, and I am very appreciative for the link. Thank you!

  10. pntmass

    @jamesstephenbrown – University is a great place to go to become specialized in a single subject matter, and I already have a degree but not in this area. Resources like YouTube CAN be useful for enjoyable downtime cross-practice exposure. There are certainly things on YouTube that don’t strive to be scientific, but in a video like this I see no reason not to expect a minimum amount of evidence.

  11. labtvonline

    @pntmass Thanks for clarifying, and I appreciate the dialogue. Please do check out the labtvonline site, and let me know what you think! You can also hook up with us on facebook under “LabTV” if you’d like to network with other people interested in these areas of science.
    -Harley / LabTV

  12. jamesstephenbrown

    Hi pntmass, yeah I agree, I was just taking the piss. I thought the article provided enough detail myself, I’m a layperson though. I was just taking a cheap shot really

  13. deJanPieter

    The background music is annoyingly loud. It drowns out the speech. It adds nothing useful.

  14. mindylinky

    If true, this could help a lot of people

  15. lodevijk

    You know what’s the ironic part of this? Printing skin is probably gonna be cheaper than printing with the original HP ink.

  16. ciproxr

    @lodevijk hahahha

  17. SuiseisekiCarnivean

    hurr durr

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