Printer Problem – Canon PIXMA iP2000

The paper jams every time I try to print! If anyone has an answer on how to fix this please tell me! My printer just started printing this way one day, no clue what happened or how to fix it short of getting a new printer. This is a Canon PIXMA iP2000 Inkjet printer.


  1. simmo475

    my printer is the exact same model and its doing the exact same thing. i think the rollers where the paper goes threw jams towards the right and pulls and jams the paper that way. sorry if its no help but that MIGHT be the problem.

  2. mihaferlez

    I have the same printer. This printer has two feeders. One is the top feeder from which you are loading paper in this video and the other one is bottom feeder where you can also permanently stack about 50 sheets of paper. Both feeders have adjustable left side. You have to line up paper to the right side of the printer and then adjust the slider on the left side to the right untill it reaches the left edge of the paper. This way printer will pull in paper evenly. I suggest you use bottom feeder.

  3. TechnicalInstructor

    did you clean your rollers?

  4. MacVlogger

    Put it in the bottom compartment the top compartment is used only for photo paper

  5. JoshuaAndMom


  6. sare2007

    arghh my gay ass printer is the same and does the same crapp!!! ive tried everything

  7. ictdude1

    maybe one of the feeding rollers dont work or need cleaning. this once happen to me and the rollers stopped working

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