Printer Ink… The Price Confusion Marketing Trick

You think you are getting a deal but do the math and realize the Price Combo Deal is still way too much money.


  1. CrochetNut742

    The cost of ink is really pricey that is why I have a HP printer that has individual color cartridges sometimes you use more of certain color and it is cheaper to buy individual than cartridge that has all the colors in one. The color cartridges also come two in a pack and it is cheaper too.

  2. mystictoxication

    This is really helpful. Thanks so much. My printer is out of ink and I have to go and by some new ink. This video really shows me what way to go.

  3. Bethintx1

    Thanks! I have done this before! No more combo packs for me!

    Another way to save money on ink is set your printer to print black only with the draft (poorest quality) mode. Most things are perfectly legible in this mode including shipping labels and crochet patterns! I only really change it to standard or high quality printing for photos and things that will later go into a copy machine.

  4. mikeyssmail

    I just set my printer settings before I forget to do that..> THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUGGESTION!

  5. happilyeverafter999

    Yeah that IS a really great suggestion. Thanks for letting everyone know!

  6. happilyeverafter999

    Wow, that’s Amazing…but amazing in a bad way. Thanks! I’ll definately be telling all of my family and friends about this.

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