Printer Ink Secret, Revealed!

Tired of always running out of ink? Here’s a secret the ink companies don’t want you to know!


  1. RandomShadowMan

    You make amazing videos dude. 5 stars and fav’d.

  2. LuberSexyPwnage


  3. beltinbacon

    Whaaat?! That’s great to know!



  5. happysunproductions


  6. PattyMMelt

    This seems legit. There’s nothin to lose..

    Thanks brusspup! 🙂

  7. Master7D

    Cool 😉 Now i’ll save some Benjamins

  8. mattmovies101

    dude thnx for the tip 🙂

  9. xoANONiMUSox

    those bastards!!!
    and the ink is so expensive!!

  10. TwistedRainbowSock

    Good tip

  11. skram1000

    really? kool

  12. DJJohnyDias

    coooooool thanks

  13. Bradfanizzle

    thanks. wow we’ve thrown away alot of money. does this work for colors too? or just black

  14. mdrproductionz

    ha cool deal. I’ll have to try that next time the ink is getting low.

    Thanks bro.


  15. 123west234

    Hp Deskjet is an a** it dosent have a reset button D:

  16. supadupasoulja

    lawl fake

  17. defect530

    also if you put your razors in %91 isopropyl alcohol it will take about 6months to become dull. The alcohol disperses the air. the air is what makes razors dull. It WORKS!!!! I have been using the same razor for months. =)

  18. D3NIS08

    woah. awesome.

  19. D3NIS08

    or if it actually runs out, refills at walgreens are cheap 😀

  20. MikeyCreation

    Wow. Lol it’s a bit helpful 😀

  21. Zane123Roberts

    omg it works

  22. beachchic123

    WOW! ddnt kno that. thank YOU!!! lol

  23. OkashaSH5

    You mean those shitty disposable razors?

  24. helloallss

    Call out ? 🙁 gj mate

  25. scrumps101

    Great info. Appreciate the tip!!! Love your videos!!

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