Printer Ink Costs: HP vs Kodak – My friend, Brian Eisenberg, came to the rescue. I was tasked with disputing Kodak’s claims on printer ink costs – and the results certainly speak for themselves. Thanks to my kind friends at HP for loaning us the equipment. For more information:


  1. bretw

    Kodak costs less, pure and simple.

  2. rsnkoolos

    Then why watch you idiot?

  3. timmywear

    Good question. Genius.
    I keep thinking… Maybe, just maybe he will have something insightful to say, but I’m always wrong. The sad thing is I keep trying so I guess I am an idiot for returning to his gay mediocre “tech” videos channel.

  4. georgemannjr


  5. paco461

    lol a Jew with a Hitler stash!

  6. aleyton003

    well thanks for the reply, and for the record I completely agree, hopes he stays asleep in the fat man chair in Chris’ future videos! (rarely voted 1 star)

  7. leifpetersen

    aaam aaaaaaam aaaam aaaaaaaaaaaaaaam am…. aaaaaam ammmmaaaaam aaaaaaam aaam aaaaa

  8. americanworksmen

    ok? 25minutes? the maxium is 10minutes. im telling

  9. bigboydave1


  10. djbro16

    why are you comparing hp and kodak with pictures from a camera for HP and pictures from an iphone for kodak? thats fair..

  11. VViP30U7

    This guy is weird. He keeps looking at a piece of paper, looking back at the printer TALKING ABOUT A FISH TANK (WTF?) and saying UMMM.

  12. enyceckk101

    the chair is blocking the way =/

  13. mopedtrip

    some people dont have what it takes to be in front of the camera, i feel sry for this guy no matter how valid what he is saying is, my brain is saying SHUT THE HELL UP, sry, just my rant

  14. gbultimate

    this guy’s voice is really boring..
    and the way he talks, rike reeeaaally slow.
    uuummm.. i’ve uuuum.. got a bunch of uuummm.. pictures.

  15. WhiteSypher

    ommm, i opted to use the built in memory card slots and actually have uhh 8 gig uhh sdhc uhh card that i used for this omm set of tests and we’ll do that aswell, omm overall, omm, thery are both….. blah blah. To many pauses :o.

  16. Ferrari0321

    The max is 10 minutes for everyone but Chris lol He’s got the hook up

  17. musicfuse

    gbultimate- that doesn’t mean he don’t know what he’s saying though.

  18. musicfuse

    itsmemorphious makes long videos too but he somehow pulls it off.

  19. SaznizamSazmee

    Wow… One fish tank isn’t enuff? Oh god he’s wearing shorts. Luckily he isn’t facing the camera most of the time lol… At around 3:50, if you notice, he is trying to get the papers in the light, when in fact HE is the one blocking the light, why doesn’t he just hold the papers in FRONT of him??? Haha at 5:10 i thought he was gonna show us ALL of the pictures he was holding lol (which is why i thought the video lasts 25 minutes)

  20. emt89

    You cannot use different paper!!!! Are you serious? WOW!

    This review should be taken off and replaced with one that makes it fair for both printers. Oh, and how does this video have anything to do with the title? hmmmm… or should I say “ummm, umm, uuuum, uuuummmmm, ummmm”

  21. loadedstewie

    umm i can’t umm watch umm this umm cause umm my uh brain ummm hurts umm from listening to ummm 9000 times! sorry I really wanna watch this but i might throw my computer at a wall ummm…

  22. cssful

    tube partners can upload over 10min videos..

  23. tallfunny

    I see why you put a fals header on your video….OR NOBODY WOULD OF SEEN IT! – One of the worst videos I have ever seen …should of been 5 min – Ummm Do some editing fool.

  24. DORCASNelson4921

    Tight ebony falls in love with his cock – VIDEOPORNTEEN[.]COM

  25. XIS99

    I wish you could have had my Kodak printer to use in your test , it would have been a lot faster . If you do another test try to use a box of Kodak paper and make a scan , and look at the banding and the wrong colors . I have sent you a video response of my Kodak months of a non working printer . Thanks .

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