Printer Ink Cartridge | HP Printer Ink Cartridge — Make The World More Colorfull I’m confused here on the price I find it very strange that this HP-564XL black inkjet printer cartridge is going for .93 on Amazon. I was at Best Buy only a few hours ago earlier tonight, and this very item is selling for .99 there, and it’s not even on sale at that store. None of the items at Best Buy were marked for sale or on sale this week or in any other way discounted. All of the 564XL cartridges are going for .99 at Best Buy. I repeat, none of them were on sale. The cardboard retail packaging is exactly the same as pictured here. (These prices at Best Buy don’t include the sales tax yet.) I thought Amazon was supposed to be cheaper, not more expensive. Am I missing something here? My experience with 564XL Black has been fine so far, no issues at all, my five stars are for the quality of this cartridge and have nothing to do with Amazon or Amazon’s pricing of this cartridge. To get more about Ink Cartridge, please visit :


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