Polaroid POGO Portable Inkless Printer ZINK Technology MU Pogo

LEAVE COMMENTS: A Video all about the new Polaroid POGO. It is just something I put together because this printer is awesome! All comments would be great. MU Pogo


  1. zinrion

    Interesting… That printers actually pretty cool, surprised I haven’t heard about it.

  2. GStringtheMoose

    I still thinkz that black kid sum kinda poof

  3. rachelsiegal

    that is really awesome!!! i want one!!

  4. fikariss

    i heard about this thing and saw one at wal-mart and didnt know what it really was but this really helped to clarify. i sooooooooo want one!!

  5. 0rangeJuice2011

    OMG thats amazing!!!! I want it 😀

  6. Kaster08

    do u have to have a certain phone company to have the picture print off

  7. Kaster08

    or only have blue tooth phone to have the pic from ur phone to print off ?

  8. leemichaelcarroll666

    i hope polaroid is paying you fucking idiots for promoting this cheap piece of shit that no fooker will actually buy.

  9. jonrpollock


  10. Pyamasrock

    But can you also take pictures with the pogo ?
    Or just print from your mobile or camera ?

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