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DigInfo – The Business Design Laboratory exhibited an autonomous, lifelike robot called PLEO at the Tokyo Gift Show. PLEO is a dinosaur robot that is modeled after a one week old dinosaur that has newly hatched called the Camarasaurus that lived between the Cretaceous Period and the Jurassic Period. PLEO moves naturally and fluidly like a real animal. It also changes its mood and behavior based on the attention that it receives and the way it is treated. When you download a program from the manufacturer’s home page onto an SD card and then insert that SD card into PLEO’s belly, the dinosaur can execute a variety of programs. PLEO is loaded with a program that gives it the capability to dance while singing to Christmas music. The SD card can store up to 7 songs, and when you tap on PLEO’s back, he changes songs.


  1. rootscientist

    Japan’s economy must be much better than America’s because I don’t foresee even one selling over here.

  2. Clawsfury

    there are lots of them in Europe and they sell during the holidays

  3. amyspipsqueaks

    they are not bad prices on ebay..not bad at all

  4. Titanic016

    good 5 starts

  5. spencersolomon1261

    Awesome video. Good way to show who Pleo is! 2 thumbs up!

  6. Ryuuken24

    Man, too bad Ugobe has gone out of business, I would really like to see them coming up with news idea for a new robot.

  7. dinoman96

    Recently, Ugobe was acquired by Jetta Company Limited, allowing them to continue the Pleo brand.

  8. Decafmochabro

    Its in a bunch of places but UGOBE went out of business and theres a few left thats why i can’t find their website or u can’t find any.

  9. pleorocks2000

    I got to pleo isn’t UGOBE smart to make pleo?! 😀

  10. ToastyTarget00

    how will it react if you punch it?

  11. Cr4zyg00d


  12. anotaren79


  13. agdolls4ever2

    really still? do they still sell em? thanks!

  14. Fabio0052

    is it fuckeable?

  15. TheDragongal


  16. MLadyAzzera

    Is Pleo soft or leathery?

  17. 123coffeegirl

    well, d-rex is latex.. smart move, mattel. pleo looks really… actually, it reminds me of an old movie i watched when i was younger… “The Land Before Time”, shocking, it pleo based off of that movie? screature, from mattel, is really cute, however and i like it better.

  18. TheRusskinruss

    Bit of a mooron toastytarget00

  19. moxiegirlzfan123

    IGNORE MY OTHER COMMENT ON 123COFFEEGIRL. i think pleo is cute, but screature and d-rex look more fun, others say so, too. screature and d-rex are cute, too.

  20. hippiebird123

    i have a pleo i named her courtney 🙂

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