Permaset Aqua Screen Printing Inks

Permaset Aqua is the same screen print color used by the top selling commercial printers in Australia, and worn world-wide on millions of dollars worth of fine designer apparel. Non toxic formulas never irritate even a baby’s skin. Armadillo Art and Craft, PO Box A, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 (888) 624-6374 tel (908) 874-5433 fax


  1. Ryonet

    Good video! If you’re interested in screen printing stop by my page. We have the best collection of screen printing instructional videos on Youtube and are constantly growing.

  2. nixjag

    This ink is so much better than anything else I’ve tried, especially the opaques.

  3. deviousMonk

    this is perfect. Ive been using plastisol…im switching to waterbase. its safer and easy to clean safe. 🙂

  4. deviousMonk

    I have a question. Are the ink ready to use? are there any additive chemicals that you have to mix? how do you clean the screen? does it wash off with water? thanx!

  5. billheslop

    great inks, but the guy interviewing him is a complete prat and has no idea.

  6. clearsky24

    These inks sound great, but could this guy have picked a bigger weirdo to interview him. He should have had a screen printer interview him, and the topics that were important would have been emphasized and not that other guys desire to wear stretchy fabrics.

  7. FutureLaugh

    the ink looks awesome but who the hell is that clown who knows NOTHING about screen printing?? He has no idea what he is talking about and just interupts him with stupid jokes

  8. vjfronk

    do theses inks need to be heat set or can they effectivly be air dryed ?

  9. vjfronk

    do these inks need to be heat set or can they be air dryed with out washing out of the fabric?

  10. loverguts

    heh heh heh SPEEDO!

  11. rollinhazard

    What length chamber is recommended for curing with a belt dryer? Is a longer chamber needed?

  12. vadar03

    this stuffs great,,.,,no mistake,,, ive used it to print onto silk jackets voile curtains etc,,,no wear at all aftr numerous washes

  13. YouTees

    USA pros have steered away from water based inks for good reasons and there is not enough here to convince me. I’ve used International Coatings 700 Series plastisols. they have almost ZERO odor and cure fast and easy. More important they are easy to run production with and last the best I have seen(beside QCM white)in white. That they are still calling SCREEN PRINTING, “silk screen” printing is a big red flag. SILK was unstable and weak and has not been used(maybe in AU still!??)for many years.

  14. YouTees

    anything that is airdry is going to pose ink stability problems in production. that is not spoken of here. I bet this stuff is quite spendy as well. anybody here in the USA have something to say about how it runs/flashes and cures in production? How about it’s longevity(say on a black tee shirt?) Any real world info on this ink appreciated. I’m open to it…but I also know water based inks have been avoided for very good reasons. so far anyway. Any AMERICAN printers using???

  15. StraylightVictim

    I use the supercover (white cap opaque ones) and they are pretty good on black stuff, awesome outdoor durability – i have shirts I made 2 years ago that are totally faded fabric and falling apart but the print is still perfect. It will of course dry in your screen if you print outside though.

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