“Perform Printer Maintenance” Message on HP LaserJet 4000

A video tutorial on how to clear the “perform printer maintenance” message on an HP LaserJet 4000. www.iotsolutions.com


  1. ghostdog621


  2. RCSV

    At 200,000 pages that message will show up, at that point, the fuser is probably worn and the feed rollers shiny.
    It’s usually a good idea to install the maintenance kit or at least inspect the fuser, rollers, etc.

  3. ralphpickering

    Of course if your printer is about at the end of its service life and you don’t want to cough up $300 on a maintenance kit to get another couple of months out of it, this is a damn good tip.

  4. RCSV

    Never had to really retire an hp 4000 series printer. As long as the wear & tear parts are available for it, it’s worth fixing. Wear & tear meaning rollers, fuser, transfer roller. Even if an expensive main board goes bad, depending on the page count I’d repair it.

  5. woodss82

    the laserjet 4000 and its later variant the 4050 is one of the best machines ever made.

  6. woodss82

    I have owned one since 2005, and rebuilt if after purchased, replaced all its worn parts as well like fuser heater, paper rollers and most recently the seporation clutches for tray 2 and tray 3 I have done about over 50,000+ pages since purchase hardly any problems all jams I had was in a worn out duplexer. which I had to repair the clutch inside the duplexer.

  7. woodss82

    My 4050N was made on Jan 2nd 2001 all the major problem it had was a worn fuser heater unit when I purchased it. since I replaced that it took off like a rocket this was in July 2005, and put into service in August 2005 after repairs to the printer and purchasing the accessories like 500 sheet bin and duplexer and jetdirect 610N after 50.000+ pages still going strong.

  8. bobbaft

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

    And tell Cassie Beckfeld she’s hot!

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