PC World: How to Save Money on Printing

Replacement ink or toner cartridges can cost a pretty penny. PC World will show you how to make your supplies last longer with this guide to saving money on printing. Visit www.pcworld.com/videos for more news, reviews and how-to’s.


  1. zloben9000

    I am a small business owner and print in DRAFT MODE !
    I also use generic black ink tanks 🙂

    Saving is the way to success 🙂

    good job guys ! nice vid

  2. Americo1974

    What about a “fast draft”? Whould I save money?

  3. Filispysmith

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  5. Ryantate352motox

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  6. runeskillers

    what printer was that?

    seriously fast

  7. puzzyman23

    thanks pc world! very helpful!!!

  8. BrittPhillips

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