P1006 CB435A Toner Cartridge Refill HP Hewlett Package

htp://www.TonerRefillKits.com/P1006.htm P1006 CB435A Toner Cartridge Refill Procedure. The P1006 CB435A toner cartridge refill procedure for the Hewlett Packard HP Laserjet P1006 laser printer and the CB435A toner cartridge is fast, easy and clean.


  1. subautb


  2. kizzalista

    plase dont be sucked in to this it is a joke i have refilled toner cartridges for 12year if you do this you will have problems this is the stupedest thing i have seen !

  3. puiimeiknumerenik

    of course… and the rezidual toner? and they have 5 stars? do not do this like in the video!!!

  4. rockindavids

    I agree with kizzalista. This IS the stupidest thing i have seen. There are many worn out internal parts that HAVE TO BE THROWN OUT AND REPLACED WITH NEW PARTS. You may get a few good prints this way but print quality will rapidly degrade to disgusting. Don’t Ruin your empties by drilling a hole in them. Call a reputable remanufacturer and get a quality product and still pay a lot less.

  5. udonwanna

    This outfit will suck in a lot of first time business but not much repeat business. Just like a lousy restaurant on a busy highway, they’re not really interested in repeat business. They said nothing about waste toner thats already completely filled up the waste toner cavity. Nor did they mention the several internal components that only last one cycle and have to be replaced. These guys will gladly take everybodys money for a while and then quickly and quietly go out of business. Donbfooled

  6. ghelyar

    The maths is a bit off, as the cartridge that comes with the printer is only half full.

    Does anyone know anything similar for the UK? The cost of shipping from tonerrifilkits to the UK quickly puts this at about $150 USD, which is even worse than buying a new cartridge from HP.

  7. danny89men

    this gays don’t tell everything…i remanufacture the 35a and 36a .All the time….If you do what he said..Your printer is going to get toner because the waste section is full.

  8. rbolivar01

    This does not tell you anything about how to empty waste toner. This means you are going to get leaking and spilling problem when waste hopper is full. This can be after printing first few pages or few hundred pages. By then you have no option but to throw away the toner cartridge. Refilling works only for ink cartridges. It DOES NOT work for toner cartridges. Atleast not work as they claim. Waste of time and money. Just but completely remanufactured toner from one of online stores.


    Sounds like a good plan!

  10. zmanthao

    I stop refilling HP toner because the refill toner kept getting a black streak. This must be coming from the waste hopper others are mentioning.

  11. alandiesell

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