Okami Piano Arrange – “Reset”

When I found out there was a piano arrangements of Okami’s soundtrack I just had to hear it. Reset was by far one of my most favorites songs of the entire game, and now with it having a piano arrangement just equals pure awesome. Best listened when wanting to sooth and calm your nerves. Special Thanks to Capcom for an awesome game and musical arrangement


  1. XxMystiiexX

    Where’s the sequal 🙁 Maan i love this game im getting the book with all the artwork in it but they are pretty hard to get hold of.

  2. Aravias101010

    The sequel is being released in Japan in 2010. We can only hope it comes to America. :/ The full name of it is “Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou” and will be for the Nintendo DS, maybe only DSi, though, I’m not sure.

  3. XxMystiiexX

    im sure it will come to america…at some point(hopefully england in my case) but is it only being released onto DS?

  4. Aravias101010

    Yes, only DS. Maybe just DSi, like I said before. You can find trailers here on Youtube too.

  5. JayFoxFire

    Okami 2, “okamiden” is coming to DS in 2010 🙂

  6. JayFoxFire

    Wow, that deep! XD I agree on that!

  7. StreetFighterMan4

    Simply amazing. THis song is by who? Capcom or fan made?

  8. EternalDestiny95

    no waaay!
    for real??!
    but why must it be DS (T_T)
    can’t they make some for PS2 or PSP

  9. Aavikkokulkija

    This song makes me cry. I want this song to be played in my funeral, it is so touching and… and…

    I can’t wait to see Okamiden :3 I just hope it comes to Europe.

  10. JayFoxFire

    yes way, i ahvce no idea why putting it on DS >.>

  11. AvatarSpyro

    Relaxing… 🙂

  12. link1628

    We hope it comes to Europe, too ^^

  13. julianking93

    Where can I download this?

  14. Phaileen001

    I don’t know if I want a sequel of this game. I love it, but maybe it will be not that good. But maybe it will be very good. Who knows. I love the first one and I always will, it’s more than a game, it’s a masterpiece of art. It has this special kind of atmosphere, I could write so many stuff about it. I’ll just never forget Okami.

  15. idloginit

    This sounds like something you’d hear on some high-classed bar where people are just sipping their wine and the pianist’s in the middle.. It’s so soothing~~

  16. wisey1wiseone

    A sequel is coming to DS in 2010 called Okamiden, if you didn’t know. I don’t think it could possibly top Okami, especially since it’s on a handheld, but I’m very excited for more Okami nonetheless. It is one of my favorite games of all time, and I think the first game only touched on the potential of the franchise.

  17. Phaileen001

    yeah that’s why i wrote it 😉

  18. darkhowlwolf

    They decided to pt it on DS because he wanted more people to be able to play it and take it with them. Hopefully they will decide to put it on consoles.

  19. JayFoxFire

    Ahh, gotcha 🙂 I hope so too

  20. TheSayaka1

    If there is a sequel to the game, I hope it’s not M rated. Im not allowed to watch M till im 16! RRRRRRRRRRRR

  21. deariusibt

    @TheSayaka1 The sequel was confirmed awhile ago and is coming out for the DS. It has recently been trademarked in the US. And no It’s not M rated either.

    It’s titled Okamiden

  22. TheSayaka1

    Yes, I knew it was confirmed and it was entitiled Okamiden, I just wasn’t sure where it was released and thank god it isn’t M.

  23. stargate5614897

    J’adore Okami !!!!!!

  24. Amaterasu234

    @TheSayaka1 it is rated E and for the DS

  25. TheSayaka1

    @Amaterasu234 I’m gonna get it when it hits Australian stores 😀

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