Ode to Joy

HP ScanJet 5p


  1. xxianxx007

    Nice work, wish I was at MIT

  2. horalivato


  3. tomsplz

    how in the world do they do that

  4. Monicator


  5. PurpleGecko

    it’s simple… those devices have a step motor and the speed in steps per second is controllable and equivalent to the frequency of the key

  6. Mishuku

    Yup, mine does that too, its hidden in the software.

  7. BWAlucarD

    wow!! XDD n1!

  8. sc8132217174

    So glad you posted this. I was reading about Easter Eggs on wikipedia and hoped someone here would post it ^^

  9. XpanicloverX

    yea wikipedia made me search for this llol it says it can also play fur elise lol

  10. Quilbo


  11. tuniziano24

    hahaha amazing

  12. MegaMeeech

    Yeah. That’s the hardwaretest of the Scanjet 5p. Just press the Button on the scanner, while you plug in the power-cable.
    If you hear the music, the scanner-hardware works fine. 😉 (greetings from german Scanjet-Support 🙂 )

  13. ethen24

    I have the 5100C ScanJet and I accidently found this easter egg. I had a bunch of junk on my desk, and a book was laying on the scan button when I plugged it in. I was like “where is that music coming from?” XD

  14. Furyhunter

    Most epic piece of technology evar.

  15. Qelky

    I tried this too on my 5p, but at first it didn’t work. Then I found a SCSI channel screw, which i set from 2 to zero, and then it worked :D.

  16. pand0ras


  17. NobleLumpkin

    You could be out solving the problems of the world… But I guess this it good too.

  18. vnktravi

    Thanks for posting

  19. dhl1986

    the dozen music videos you’ve posted aren’t exactly curing cancer

  20. NobleLumpkin

    lol, I said it was good! And while my videos are not “exactly” curing cancer, I like to think they are helping to cure it vicariously. And what kind of looser looks up commenters videos just so he/she can take a shot at them?

  21. dhl1986

    the same kind of loser that goes to a youtube video and posts a comment about how the person should be out saving the world

  22. NobleLumpkin

    Well then, I guess you and I are both the same kind of looser. Nice to have something in common isint it?

  23. Dominik19961017

    LOOOL 5/5!!!!

  24. Kidiot

    Cool thread bros

  25. vajzika

    Bored people. xD

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