Never Buy Ink Again!

A new membership program for getting inkjet cartridges for free for life!


  1. nrky2

    “free cartridges”… fucking halfwits, YOU PAY A MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FEE….

    i repeat… YOU PAY A MEMBERSHIP FEE. How many of the ‘regular’ users would actually use more money on the cartridges than they’d pay on the subscription fee, before they realise how SHIT refills are?

    fucking baby-boomers, can you guys PLEASE get your crap 1950’s-style sales techniques out of the market and leave the REAL cartridges sales to the gen-x’ers who can see past all your BULLSHIT.


  2. nrky2

    p.s if you are using a hundred bucks a month on inkjets, you are a dumbkopf and need to upgrade to lasers.
    seriously, you can get 900 prints out of a compatible canon bc-02 high-yield cart, and most of the inkies give 300-500 prints on 5% coverage. if you stopped being such a sheep and realised that colour laser toners for excel diagrams and company letterheads, is a crapload cheaper per page, then we wouldnt have babyboomers trying to stay in the market… theyd be dead already.

  3. nrky2

    pps. please, don’t use the excuse “i like to print photos on my printer”… if that’s the case, take your photos to a print shop and stop wasting your money on ink that you don’t need 90% of the time. toner carts give thousands of pages per cartridge, and only cost 3-4times as much.

  4. CODmusk

    i use freeinkforlife its cool u just drill holes in ur cartdridge and all u do is pay for shipping when u run out and they will send u free ink bottles with big needles to inject the cartridge, sum people even started a business doing it

  5. Nby21Blog

    yes i got to agree, and your printer just won’t match the quality of the print shop photos. But if you really want to print home, don’t buy new cartridges !!!! i’ve got a mp210 canon printer, and i refilled it 8 times with those handy refill kits (bottles of different ink and a syringe) and they cost only a fraction of new cartridges (new ones for my printer cost 30 euro( only black), and a refill kit costs 5 euro

  6. vasiliss1

    Where is the website? How to register?

  7. tbenefi33

    pretty much free my ass.
    they will screw you one way or another.

  8. AppreciateIt

    Their website is gone! 🙁
    Guess nothing lasts forever.
    Glad I didn’t buy in! 🙂

  9. boredandwise

    something wrong with my logic board on my canon mp150 , and….. :[ do u know anything at all about that ? maybe u can help ? :[

  10. 99mattman


  11. TylerSmythe

    HAHA. they have 3 customers.

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