Nancy Today: How to refill the ink for your printer

The ink comes with a little hole maker, a hypodermic needle and a plug to put in the hole you make in the cartridge. You’ll save a fortune on refilling.


  1. hopeahead

    Nice instructions Nancy and it sure does save money instead of buying new ones each time. In the US, we have a universal ink-jet printer kit. You cracked me up when you said, “Sorry drug addicts, this won’t work for you.”

  2. steviebboy69

    i find this a very messy job. and the syringe freaks me out for some reason, maybe because its so large.

  3. ashleyandlee

    I remember filling those types of catridges at my old job at Island Inkjet! Those ones were a real pain in the butt.

  4. LiLtinee

    This is one of those money-saving things we could all do for ourselves with the economy like it is right now (at least in the US). Trim expenses wherever we can!

  5. NancyToday

    LOL! I forgot I said that!

  6. casagrandecats

    nancy, I just started doing this. I have a hp photosmart printer. my question: do you have to recover the holes after you fill? if so, with what?

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