Nancy Today: Filling a soap order without printer ink

If you stay there and let me talk to you, I’ll stay on track and figure out what I’m doing! My printer is out of ink which is such a handicap!


  1. MDRavensOrioleGal26

    Nancy~ I am Sure The Soaps Will Be Here Soon!!!! I am Looking Forward to Getting Them and Using Them!!!! ~Erin

  2. charlambe

    I have a crazy question. How is lye dangerous to breath but if it’s in the soap and you smell it how can that be safe? I am just curious.
    Your soaps are so lovely.

  3. OhItsJustMe2

    LOL your fingers now match your hat! LOL! Blue!

  4. avaleila

    Nancy, could you PLEASE list the soaps you sell? Bec I would like to order some also. Could you list them on your main page and maybe list a few ingredients in them? Bec I am allergic to chemicals and need some lovely natural soap. PLEASE? pretty please with a cherry soap on top??

  5. ashleyandlee

    I used to work at an ink cartridge refilling place a few years ago. I did that all the time… it was so messy! I actually have a “tattoo” in the palm of my right hand from accidentally stabbing myself with the syringe once! LOL

  6. calirpm

    I really like your hat today! Where do you get them all? How long have you been “collecting” them? 🙂

  7. NancyToday

    The fumes of the raw lye in water, which rise up as lye mixes with water, are horrible. If you breathe them, they will burn your lungs.

    After you mix lye with oil, they molecularly bind together forming a new molecule, soap. Glycerine is a byproduct. At that point, the lye is no longer harmful. Once it has cured, the lye can’t separate from the oil, so you don’t have lye anymore.

    If you add more lye than needed, then you’ll get a harsh soap.

  8. NancyToday

    LOL! too cool! I didn’t want to get lye on them because I had to package up soaps! I didn’t want blue dots on the soap!

  9. NancyToday

    yes indeed, right away!

  10. charlambe

    thank you so much for exsplaining that to me.

  11. NancyToday

    Anytime! It’s nice knowing answers sometime! BG!

  12. NancyToday

    My ingredients: Grandma’s means it’s got tallow in it. The rest have corn or canola oil, castor oil, lye, essential oil or fragrance and rainwater. Some have goatsmilk, honey and oatmeal for softening your skin.

  13. NancyToday

    OMGoodness! I had no idea you could tatoo yourself by mistake with this! Yikes! I’ll be much more careful!

  14. NancyToday

    This is the one that gets lots of compliments, actually!

    I put the flowers on hats that I buy when they are on sale at the end of the summer season. People also send them to me! I decorate them with a glue gun and silk flowers/leaves.

  15. NancyToday

    I started wearing them when I turned 50, so that is four years ago, now.

  16. ashleyandlee

    Yep, I slipped one time and stabbed myself! Now I have a little black dot where it happened. It has been there for about 3 years now!

  17. calirpm

    I got a close glimpse of it at 2:10 & thought it was so pretty. How do you think hats would look on a 22 year old? 😉

  18. NancyToday

    Wonderful, I assume! Lovely flowers, too.

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