Memjet High Speed Inkjet Printer



  1. neonDog

    it would be funny if in all of the cases they just put in paper with stuff already printed on.
    If it is real then wow, cause normal printers are amazing enough.
    But I much much prefer high quality and accuracy of print over the speed

  2. Marnikk

    amen to that

  3. chick5581

    I thought thats u XD! That was too cool! Your cousin is amazing! Thanks

  4. GreatRussianHellfire

    and one could only imagine the cost of ink cartridge refills.

  5. AnalAvenger

    Print your own wallpaper, mayhaps? 0_o

  6. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Because I’ve been to Home Depot they don’t have “Soothing Rim Job Scenes” that’s a custom job. Would normally cost a FORTUNE!

  7. SuburbanDon

    Smokin’ !!!

  8. steveyea

    actually they will be cheap

  9. BoboVicus

    PFFFFFFFFFFF… i could do that with a crayon! ;D

  10. phatdrifter

    waste of inkk.

  11. feuchster

    holy shit….

  12. CountDollarz

    impressive speed!

  13. nostriltacular

    Words alone cannot describe how I feel right now. But if they could, they’d say “Wopulom”. Yes.

  14. THEmedullaman

    if you look at this video very closely the end scene is actually the give away. The clock has clearly been composited as well as the woman.

    Look closely you will see it.

  15. diegoyotta

    holy shit

  16. tzuyang555

    holy shit ..

  17. tamiasthechipmunk

    That’s fast.

  18. Pioneer4ik

    Incredible! That’s a real diarrhea ))

  19. kevlar1818

    That’s a lot of pages with wet ink stacked on each other 😛

  20. CanonS5IStabelized

    fast vorward?

  21. ArtemissimetrA

    I used to work at a Staples Copy Centre… this just blew my mind. The large format in particular.

  22. milindshastri

    hey smart guy, look at the compact model…the last edge of the paper once released from the roller falls unnaturally quickly to the tray. That would either happen if gravity if much stronger that the usual and hence is dropping down quicker or the speed of the video is fast. You tell me…

  23. pye333

    Anyone who says this video is fake is a complete idiot and you will be thumbed down many times.

  24. roryl

    go to the website dickhead.

  25. ScreenersChoice

    These are real products. The first one released is the label printer. The way the printers can print that fast is the printhead is the length of the printer. The head is stationary and does not need to move left to right like a normal inkjet printer. With multiple heads the length of whatever you are printing, you just need to time the feeding mechanism to the print speed.

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