Manual Screen Printing Demo

Here is a great demonstration of a larger multi color manual screen printing press. The design being printed here is a multi color on dark shirts. A white under base is needed to print colors onto a dark shirt. The bright light flashing on and off in the back is a flash cure unit. It semi cures the ink on the shirt before the next color goes down. This increases resolution and reduces ink pick up on the back of the next color screen. Many printers choose to print such a design wet. Printing …


  1. meeshmi526

    what is the name of this machine?

  2. IntegrityPrintSupply

    This is an M&R manual textile screen printing press with pneumatic side clamps. This appears to be an eight color eight station. I cannot recall which model but it is very likely to be a Chameleon. Integrity Print Supply is an authorized M&R dealer. If you are interested, contact us for more information.


    I’m going to be doing this for my job along with graphic design. I am very excited.

  4. IntegrityPrintSupply

    Thanks for the comment and good luck!

  5. beatlust

    srry fir the question but no flash between inks?

  6. IntegrityPrintSupply

    He has a flash a couple of stations to his right but you can’t see it clearly in the video.

  7. fuzzin555

    slowest printer ever.

  8. fuzzin555

    slowest printer ever….can’t make money that way.

  9. CatspitProductions

    This is a great video! Who took this footage? LOL.Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  10. violetxsketch

    This is great for my graphics h.w for school! May I use this footage?

  11. IntegrityPrintSupply

    No problem

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