Making use of useless Epson ink refills

Extract the ink from your Epson ink tanks and use them for elsewhere (say, for example, in another printer that doesn’t rob you blind by making you replace all colors just because one has ‘run out’ when it has just reached its pre-set limit AND you can still hear that stuff sloshing around inside!).


  1. dose4real

    Can i use this to refill my homemade mop markers?

  2. six50nm

    i didn’t even know what a mop marker was before, but i don’t see any reason you can’t use that ink. After all… it’s ink.

  3. iLoveReviews

    great video

  4. gfyhdhbyhgj

    HAHAHA!!! Now, i have something to do with mah dead EPSON CX3500 with FULL ink o_0

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