Lexmark X4550 All-In-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

A Wireless Printer!? It’s real–check out tiger.tv Enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi printing at an affordable price. With the Lexmark X4550 you can print wirelessly from virtually anywhere in your home or office over a secure wireless network. Or you can share the X4550 wirelessly among multiple computers. And it’s a snap to set up with Lexmark’s installation software. Connect with 802.11b/g wireless network, wireless computer, or USB cable. Plus, the Lexmark X4550 is fast and efficient with …


  1. 1uhot4

    so all printes cant be wierless?

  2. Dollyp124

    Expensive Ink

  3. tanman1346

    lexmark makes all tbher money off of there ink

  4. whatssnaping

    is this printer beter then epson,hp,kadok,dell

  5. FreePrometheus

    Your printers are a piece of shit!


  6. essentialeugene

    You know I have a Lexmark All in One X4530 printer and it works good. Lexmark Printers last a long time. Mine can print, copy, and scan. The copy light comes on for my convenience.

  7. jiggles26

    oh how this thing is a piece of shit..

  8. walker1054

    dont buy if u have an acer laptop

  9. iheggis86

    why is that? i’m thinking of buying one and have and acer AS5920G laptop

  10. walker1054

    it might be fixed now, but my printer that i brought 1-2months ago doesnt work on acer laptops with out ALLOT of hassle, i tried it on my acer laptop and a couple of friends acer laptops and it never worked for ages

  11. walker1054

    By the way, we all had Acer Aspire series laptops, that might be the only acer laptops that it doesnt work on.
    other lexmark printers “should” work but they might not with some acer laptops.
    once you get it setup though (if you can) it works great


    Dear Arno,
    I bought one my self after seeing your review and I did had some hard time trying to connect it with my laptop throw wifi
    Anyone out there could help me with that?

  13. mematguy

    lexmark printers are absolute pieces of shit.

  14. vos360

    Great performance, terrible reliability; just made a year and now its busted.

  15. 22PeAcOcK22

    yes same here but my wireless printer is HP.

  16. souljaboyinthehood

    true dat

  17. souljaboyinthehood

    true dat. they suckkz

  18. SES7777777

    lexmark printers are GREAT !!!!

  19. AmosPressley

    Mine works fine, IF you can get it to connect. The scanner has real trouble finding the computer sometimes.

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