1. guachupita809

    it sounds like spanish and english mixed ?????

  2. JustinBrooks

    im pretty sure is Tegalo, which is the national Philippine language.

  3. incognitostatus

    it’s tagalog

  4. glennlz

    yes its TAGLISH its Tagalog and English Mixed with feelings hahahhaha

  5. wixxwi

    what are the using..?.. transfer paper??..

  6. safzuan

    nega paa kun tang goo goo cua papaayaaa…!!! hahaha..juz kiddin 🙂

  7. andrewcm2

    what the hell? i can understand some of what they are saying…

  8. RubenOta

    Pesos is a spanish word it sounds like English Spanish And Chineese? Slower.

  9. JadaFace

    horrible language.

    if you can even call it that.

  10. Unknownfigure

    What the fuck?

    Spanglippino language?

    Haha, I actually laughed when I saw this.

  11. joshmcdowell07


  12. albobay1

    haha wtf

  13. hainesladen

    too bad for you only understand fucking english

  14. wallbay1

    choose your language
    what is this PhiliSpanglish? lol

  15. dacs1980

    the language is tagalog, its not too hard to learn, took me 8 months.

  16. 8mahonym

    it has a bit of English in it as well

  17. pasajunnike

    u guys should learn any other languages than english, pathetic

  18. rack325i

    everyone in the world speaks english… they come to us, why should we go to their languages

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