Kodak’s $110 savings claim about printing costs exposed

Kodak claims to save consumers 0 a year in printing costs with their new Kodak ESP series inkjet printers. If you do the math, youll discover that those claims are difficult to believe. More on the Truth about Printing Costs: www.hp.com


  1. ImageSci

    An expose from a company for whom theres a whole website (check out HPLies) devoted to how badly its treated customers? Why believe anything HP says? And if Kodak printers are so unreliable, where does that put HP whose printers were ranked by PC World readers as similar in reliability to Kodaks? Ive bought two Kodak ESP printers, one for myself and another for a relative and both have worked just fineā€”as well as saving me a bundle over HPs high-priced ink. Goliath is running scared.

  2. ImageSci

    According to an Associated Press (AP) news story on 12/17, the Federal Trade Commission has ruled that HP’s charges are bogus! You do save $110 on annual ink costs by printing just four pages a day. Print more, you’ll save more. Kodak says it will give more detail in its ads so that even HP’s legal department can understand it.

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