Kodak ESP 9 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

With a sleek, black chassis and beautifully designed interface, you’ll be amazed by how well the Kodak ESP 9 All-in One Printer fits into any office décor. The ESP 9’s all-new 10 in. (25.4 cm) one-touch control panel is an innovative first in the industry of consumer inkjet printing that makes printing, copying, scanning and faxing a whole lot easier. Print, copy, scan and fax with conservation in mind, save up to 50% on print jobs compared to other inkjet printers. Your productivity will …


  1. Omellykim


  2. lovegame360

    good job

  3. RatchetsFlamingTail


  4. sikyrace

    oooo … i`m the 254`th viewer…

  5. iWizzard

    Lucky you?

  6. c0ketehwhale


  7. theodorbrinch

    im the 333rd viewer

  8. code933k

    30 (photo quality) color pages per minute? Sold!

  9. TRuAtlAntA

    your a n3rd?

  10. ohnzee


  11. KrystalBall11

    Silly Albert, you need the phone port for faxing…

  12. gastonytHD

    *Its sooo big* lol

  13. m66k

    It has some quite cool features

  14. thakilla943

    2:35 Owned! 😀

  15. cairnage123

    Thats what she said

  16. pobably911

    it is big lol

  17. MattTheComputerGeek

    Hey dumb dumb, its a fax machine as well so people will use that phone port and still be with the times.

  18. cda08stitch

    removable cover?

  19. thakilla943

    I know but it seemed like he broke it 😀

  20. mikko568

    that’s HUUUGE

  21. wakojako49

    fax is abit old school though but alot of people are still using it… he commented like that since theres email and you dont have to pay for anything

  22. Havoc928

    Rest in peace Alfred

  23. fnatte0

    whos alfred??

  24. sikyrace

    I don`t know why i got so many thumbs down….it was sarcasm…cuz some one was bragging that they were first…stupid people

  25. control2980


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