Kodak EasyShare All-in-One 5300 Inkjet Printer OOBE

Kodak EasyShare All-in-One 5300 Inkjet Printer OOBE


  1. sako1119

    i have one of this printres, i hate it, do not wast your money go with hp. with the hp ink you can refil them with the kodak if you do not even use the color for two months it will say to replace it. i hate kodak printrs

  2. RonnBaird


    I was enjoying the posted video and saw your response. Sorry to hear you are not happy. As I work at Kodak I wanted to help.

    If you are not getting the number of prints that you should from the system, I suspect it is related to something other than the ink. Kodak has gone to incredible lengths to make that part of the system work very well.

    Let me know more about your experience, Sako, and I will try to help you.

    Ron Baird (the friendly Kodak guy)

  3. monkeyo08

    if u hate so much y is it in ur favs.? hun?

  4. sako1119

    fuck you, nick i hate the print, what the fuck are you doing looking at my favorites

  5. 610083314

    q rallada de canción.

  6. bluetech7753

    Nice unboxing I like the music you used.
    I just bought a kodak esp 3 all in one it does not have the LCD screen.

  7. rpikus

    I love this video and I love my printer. But now I am wondering if you have a video that shows me how to re-box my Kodak AIO printer. I am moving next week and don’t want it to get damaged. 🙂


    I personally hate kodak software. The constant reminders and the size of the file are ridiculous. I have a m753 and cant load the pictures from the camera without installing the kodak software which is obnoxious.

  9. sako1119

    yeah true the kodak software is horrible and the printers are not compatible with any wireless printing router, what a wast of time and money

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