Kodak AiO inkjet Printer Online Video/Commercial with Soprano’s actor Vinny Pastore

Created this Kodak viral in 2007 at partners +napier, Rochester. David Steinberg of Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm fame directed. Actor Vinny Pastore was on Celebrity Apprentice (Kodak had been involved with the show). Video appeared online and versions appeared in cinema advertising in limited markets.


  1. XIS99

    Excellant spot / shitty printer .
    I saved a ton of cash on ink with my kodak printer . It never used a drop of ink because it didn’t print scan or copy . Again you made a great commercial ,too bad it wasn’t for a printer that worked .

  2. SchwartzJeremy

    Appreciate the compliments on the spot… & understand that printing can be frustrating… but you should make sure you’re using the right media and print settings. On set, we were printing the image of Vinny for the final product shot, it took a couple minutes to dial in the settings, but once I got acquainted with the options, I was getting photo-quality prints easily. Also, use good media. Same rules apply for most printers…I also had to learn the ins and outs of my Epson Photo Stylus 2200.

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