Invisible UV ink Printer

Invisible UV ink Printer – TEST 1 The ink cartridge is filled with uv light sensitive ink, which is invisible under normal light. Before you fill the cartrige, make sure it has been cleaned well 😉


  1. My1name1is1Emor

    Very, VERY awesome!

  2. 700zx

    What type of ink did you use and where did you get it? Do you know if there are different colors of invisible ink?

  3. Alex000it

    I bought the ink form conrad(dot)com
    They do have different colors

  4. energycontent

    Cool, Ive been trying to do this unsucsessfully, what type of printer is it you are using & does it continue to work after a few sheets or the following day or does it clog cartridge? Also do you have to dry it with hair dryer or if you just leave it to dry natruly will it still work?

  5. Alex000it

    The printer I’ve been using is a HP 1510 (but I thik that you can use almost any printer). Yes, it continues working after days!
    I’ve used the hair dryer to let it dry faster, but it becomes invisible also if you wait some time.

  6. EyalSpirit

    Wow cool 🙂

  7. njp8008

    Hey how do you clean the cartridge? I’m having trouble getting all of the ink out

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